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Just bought my 4th pack of beans and the service remains excellent, Smoking Gun is my supplier of choice for sure! 5/5

Richard, Customer

Thank you for the great set as a first time buyer. The process way easy, jock and stress free. I like the new website a lot with all the new breeders. Looking forward to purchasing new products in the future. 5/5

Sean, Customer

Great service! Great genetics! 5/5

Nick Els, Customer

The service received is top notch from the first second till way after delivery. A pleasant and affordable experience with quality products and results 5/5

Ikraam, Customer

I was happy overall. Fast delivery. Nice chat when I ordered and as for these dutch genetics, couldn’t be happier. With harvest around the corner. Well done guys! Important thing, the seeds were on hand in SA when I ordered…. Lemon Zkittlez for the win 5/5

Cape Grow Experiment, Customer

large variety of genetics to choose from and my seeds arrive in two days. Easy and seamless. 5/5

Yas, Customer

Smoking Gun Seeds is by far the most customer friendly easy place to get what you want. Out of all the business I’ve tried, they are the only place that was hassle free with a quick turnaround time and good follow up.

Taylor, Customer

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