Welcome to our outdoor grow guide!

The best times + practices growing outside.


Outdoor vs Indoor:

The primary difference between an indoor and outdoor grow is the environment. Outdoor growing allows for the best possible light source (the sun), however can have other issues such as: pollination, weather damage, increased pests and other environmental factors that will not be in your control. The good news though is that through good practices you can mitigate the majority of these issues. We’ll cover a series of outdoor grow tips in other guides however this guide will cover the basics of timing along with some special tips + tricks.


When to start your outdoor grow?

While you can technically grow at any time of the year, growing in winter outdoors requires special precautions/setups (learn how to do this here). Therefore to produce the most yield and avoid many weather related issues it generally recommended to grow outdoors in line with these timelines:

  • Optional: 15 July – 30 Sept Indoor Germination
  • 15 August – 15 Novemeber: Start outdoors/move outdoor
  • 15 November – 30 January: Vegging Period
  • 15 January – 15 March: Flowering
  • 15 March – 30 June: Harvest


Outdoor Tips + Tricks:

  1. Topping techniques are very effective outdoors and can boost your yield dramatically.
  2. Coco Coir is an awesome affordable outdoor ready hydroponic method.
  3. Autoflowers can produce massive yields outdoors and finish much earlier in some cases. Shop seeds here.
  4. Planting near walls/meshing/net can significantly protect your plants from wind damage.