Contains 5 Seeds

Big Buddha Haze™
Amnesia, G-13, Super Silver Haze x Manga Rosa S1

“It’s all about the Haze…..Buddha haze”

Whilst living in Amsterdam we managed to acquire many different clones for our own personal ‘headstash’, one of these was an amazing pheno of Amnesia Haze with this specific cut being related to previous High Times Cannabis Cup winners.

We took this ‘cut’ over to our Spanish location where it was pollinated by a Reversed Manga Rosa S1.
The Manga Rosa S1 was a plant obtained by friends whilst they were travelling through Brazil and therefore it has a unique, mango hazy pure Sativa taste of the South Americas. The combination of 2 amazing Sativa’s makes the Buddha Haze one of the sweetest Hazes available.

From the start the Buddha Haze is a pretty plant with nice, slender Sativa leaves.
If growing indoors its recommended to flower earlier / shorter as Sativa’s do tend to really stretch out.
The Buddha Haze is like all other hazes where growers have to be really attentive to the plant.
The Buddha Haze doesn’t like too many nutrients but will still produce what’s best described as a ‘real Coffeshop bud’ with dense Sativa nuggets & packed with glistening trichomes & a real sweet Haze taste with hints of citrus bubble gum and mango.

the Buddha Haze is now a true classic, with a pedigree heritage related to 2 past High Times Cannabis Cup winners and with the unique spiritual Sativa high from the manga rosa the Buddha Haze is real top shelf Haze for the true cannabis connoisseurs!

Cannabis seeds are illegal to germinate in many countries. They are intended for preservation for collectors and as souvenirs.