Contains 3 Seeds

The Joker is one of Green Smoke Room Seed’s best CBD Strains, with incredibly strong genetics from Harlequin and AC/DC. A Sativa dominant strain that packs a CBD punch.

With Harlequin as a parent the THC content may go up, however, the CBD can reach heights of 15% which should negate the THC effects. With 7-9 weeks flowering time and a very moderate yield, the strain is most similar to the Medical Marijuana Seedbank’s Candida (CD-1).

This strains is very great for treat illnesses such as pain, anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and the negative effects of chemotherapy. Flavors can reach all end of the taste buds from earthy and woody to sweet and fruity.

Cannabis seeds are illegal to germinate in many countries. They are intended for preservation for collectors and as souvenirs.