Contains 3 Seeds

The arrival of the Diesel line to the international cannabis market marked the beginning of a new era and the entry ticket to an unexplored territory. In the States, the Diesel lineage is already a legend and so one of the most requested genetics ever. Why? Mainly because this strain showcases many unusual features that distinguish her from the rest, such as her distinctive aroma of Diesel fuel.

Against this background, we felt the urge to include this special strain into our catalogue of Dinafem Seeds. For doing so, our breeders crossed a Mexican Sativa with an Afghani, and, after a long breeding process, we could present a Sativa-dominant (60%) feminised cannabis seed that is sure to amaze thrill-seeking marijuana growers. Extraordinary aromas and tastes that, together with a highly stimulating but balanced Sativa effect, are going to make a splash!

Cannabis seeds are illegal to germinate in many countries. They are intended for preservation for collectors and as souvenirs.