Contains 6 Seeds

Taming this tiger was more a matter of aligning her correctly it’s been
such a fun project the bright sativa buzz of harambes hope apricots
influence has been reworked into a flavour powerhouse which now hits you
squarely between the eyes.. She’s blended so beautifully with the solid
traits of the sunset sherbert backing her and the orange cookies
colliding with apricot terpenes into such a royal treat for the senses
..she overwhelms then surrounds you with a comfy indica cradle you seems
to get pulled along by the intrinsic deep orange fizz of this hybrid
trying that you’re in the comfy seat and surprisingly still very
functional with an inspired attitude lifes chore seem effortless. She
really pushes in growth and responds well to an organic approach and
will reward you with subtleties that others can only dream about ,tastes
and bouquet are pivotal and that smile well you won’t wipe it off your
face for a while ..this is soon to be a legend strain don’t miss this
one and please enjoy responsibly!

Cannabis seeds are illegal to germinate in many countries. They are intended for preservation for collectors and as souvenirs.