Contains 3 Seeds

– 2nd Prize Indica, Home Grown Cup Netherlands 2017

– 3rd Prize Outdoor Category, Home Grown Cup Netherlands 2018

OG also performs well when grown in a SCROG environment, if this is
your preferred growing method them you may wish to allow extra time
during veg growth to really fill the net. Some growers would consider
5-6 weeks a suitable period, more if it’s a bigger SCROG.

Experienced growers should note that
Glueberry OG really responds well to intense lighting during bloom. Side
lighting also helps this variety deliver XL yields. If you have a UVB
light try using this for the last 2-3 weeks for a few hours each day,
and watch the trichomes increase in number and density. LED growers will
see great results in bloom.

Glueberry OG is a popular variety with
concentrate producers and lovers of cannabis oil, BHO, shatter, rosin,
hash and other types of cannabis extracts. The high oil/resin content
from these genetics make this a popular repeat buy for these looking to
maximise their concentrate yields.

One final tip from the breeder. If you
like a really strong and heavy body stone from this variety leave her an
extra week or two in bloom for extra amber trichomes. This produces a
powerful couch lock effect which can be great for a night at home.

The master growers of Dutch Passion have
crossed these two magnificent strains with each other and crossed the
result with our longtime classic Blueberry. The outcome of this
beautiful cross with XL yields and an average height of 1.5/2 m is
called Glueberry OG and we are proud to have a new addition to our USA
Special line.

Cannabis seeds are illegal to germinate in many countries. They are intended for preservation for collectors and as souvenirs.