Contains 4 Seeds

5th Generation autoflowering strain
featuring high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD). This strain is the result of
the cross between a selection of our best autoflowering strains with
sweet and fruity aromas and a photoperiod dependent clone rich in CBD. The THC:CBD ratio of this CBD-rich strain stands between 1:1 and 1:1,5. CBD-rich
autoflowering strain with exceptional organoleptic qualities (taste and
aroma). Sweet and fruity scents, with peach tones, complemented with a
touch of lemon and cypress.

The flowering time of this strain is
very short and the plants are ready to harvest only 8 weeks after the
germination of the seeds. The plants produce hard and compact buds
with abundant resin. This strain shows a mainly Indica structure with
long and resistant side branches that emerge out of a strong stem.

Cannabis seeds are illegal to germinate in many countries. They are intended for preservation for collectors and as souvenirs.