Contains 3 seeds + 1 free

Our firstĀ red-flowered photoperiod-dependent strain. This is the resulting hybrid from the cross between ourĀ Red Poison AutoĀ® (SWS39)Ā and a photoperiod-dependent elite clone of Tangie (California Orange x Skunk hybrid) from a rare and unusual purple-flowered phenotype, with a sensational intense mandarine taste and aroma.

This strain develops resinous and productive buds with beautiful red flowers that are ready to harvest in just 7-8 weeks.

The aroma ofĀ Red Mandarine F1 Fast VersionĀ® (SWS79)Ā is probably the most exquisite among all the red-flowered strains in the market, featuring a powerful sweet and mandarine citrus aroma with fresh hints of blue cypress. An ideal plant for top quality highly aromatic extractions with a gorgeous appearance for the reddish and rosy tones of its resin.