Contains 6 Seeds

You can’t beat the treat that’s Bubba Kush but you can add to it, she has rock solid fat nugs some of the strongest most sort after on
the planet , it’s sweet creamy coffee tones mask a very strong medicinal
indica world renowned.The beautiful deep flavour of Strawberry Bubba
diesel is an organic strawberry wine of such beautiful aromas fragrances
and tastes that flood the pallet with gorgeousness it’s like lighting
up a strawberry sunset it’s tremendous.

Phenos ranging from a deep blue tinged strawberry cream to a cherry
strawberry wine honestly these flavours melt on your tongue. The stone
phases through you In waves at first building till the tide surrounds
you washing a superior state of being over you youl laugh out loud or
grin from ear to ear you might even cry a little such is the presence of
this mighty strains vibration..

She sure likes to grow too the strawberry gives the Bubba new legs
and keeps the buds pointing at the Sun and pushing into giant fingers
, she’s an easy feeder too and really doesn’t need a whole lot of
attention she knows what to do and time and again she will perform for
you these buds will make friends out of complete strangers , the testers
fell all ova each other trying to get to these! another truly scrumptious strain from the house of Holy Smoke Seeds, enjoy!

Cannabis seeds are illegal to germinate in many countries. They are intended for preservation for collectors and as souvenirs.