Contains 3 Seeds

“Strawberry Cough” genetics are of North American origin and partly
uniquely European. “Strawberry Cough” is a hybrid between an Indica and a
Sativa. From this hybrid we made a selection having about 80% Sativa
influences. We have used this selection for the production of our
“Strawberry Cough” Seeds. Our “Production and Research Team” has
succeeded in creating the fruitiest variety imaginable. The fresh
strawberry taste and aroma are very evident and wonderful to experience.
Strawberry has an “up high” effect of medium THC-strength. The plants
are beautiful to look at. The total flowering time takes about 9 weeks.
The first and most powerful growth spurt of flowers ends in week four,
the second at week 9. “Strawberry Cough” is easy to grow and does not
need a strong fertilizing scheme. Standard fertilizing will do for good
results. Individual plants will grow to medium height. Are you ready for
the “Strawberry Experience”?

Cannabis seeds are illegal to germinate in many countries. They are intended for preservation for collectors and as souvenirs.