Dutch Passion Special (3x 1 Seed Pack)


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Contains 3 Seeds

The Dutch Passion Special contains 1 seed from each genetic.

You will receive 1x Auto Glueberry O.G seed, 1x Auto Mazar and 1x Auto Critical Orange Punch.

Auto Glueberry O.G –

3th Prize Autoflower Highlife Cup Netherlands 2017

Auto Glueberry O.G. is the autoflowering version of the hard
hitting, resin dripping photoperiod Glueberry OG. To turn Glueberry OG
into an autoflower, we crossed (Gorrila Glue x OG) with the original
Auto Blueberry to ensure the same taste and effect as her photoperiod
sister. If you’re looking for a sativa dominant, potent hybrid that can well
be used in both SOG and SCROG grows, than try out this American
delicacy. With subtle Diesel hints and fruity Blueberry tones, Auto Glueberry
OG can be considered a sweet tasting strain with both Asian and American
roots. This sativa dominant autoflowering hybrid with extra large yields
will please any grower both indoors and outdoors (in sunny climates) and
ensures a great harvest to enjoy with family and friends.

Auto Mazar –

Auto Mazar is a high performance autoflower, she is robust and easy to grow. She is also a reliable producer of great quality cannabis whether grown in soil, coco fibre or a hydro system. Auto Mazar delivers a genuinely strong and long lasting high. This is one of the most consistent autoflowers ever created and remains Dutch Passion’s best selling autoflower for all the right reasons. Original Mazar is a legendary prize-winning variety which needs no introduction; we crossed this with an indica-dominant auto to create Auto Mazar. The plants typically reach 70-80cm, they grow strongly and yield extremely well. New growers often crop 50g+ of sticky potent bud per plant. Experienced growers routinely crop 100-200g+ per plant especially in hydro systems. The best result so far is 900g.

Auto Critical Orange Punch –

Auto Critical Orange Punch is a feminized
Autoflower seed variety, the first Dutch Passion auto to use Critical
genetics. This auto takes around 75 days to grow from seed to harvest
and is easy to grow. She thrives under 20 hours of daily light and
delivers genuine XXL harvests. The genetic foundation was Grandaddy
Purps x Orange Bud (and was called Orange Punch) which gave great
potency and taste but yields were below average until crossed with an
elite XXL Auto Kritical Bilbo. Auto Critical Orange Punch is one of our
strongest varieties with very heavy yields and buds that are white with
resin. Some phenotypes can take an extra week or two at the end and
deliver even heavier yields than normal. She usually reaches 70-100cm
indoors, with a skunky citrus aroma and a rich Afghan hash taste. The
powerful euphoric high is particularly pleasant and long lasting.

Cannabis seeds are illegal to germinate in many countries. They are intended for preservation for collectors and as souvenirs.


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